Residential Lock Key Replacement North County

In southern California, people turn to Z’s Locksmith for residential lock key replacement North County services for homes in San Diego, North County, East County and South Bay.  We are a mobile company who can resolve your locksmith issues: new lock installations, replace old locks, re-key, lockout, and other security services.  If you need immediately help, we make it a priority to arrive within 15 minutes of your phone call.  For non-emergency services, please call during regular business hours and make an appointment so that we may serve you at a convenient time.

Residential Lock Key Replacement North County Services include:

● Emergency Lockouts
● Lock Repair
● Padlock
● Lock Re-key
● Lock Installation
● Mailbox Locks
● Master Key System
● Key Duplicates/ Broken Keys
● Deadbolt/ Knob Installation

When to Replace Locks and Key

Unless there is damage, locks and keys can last for 5 years or more.  However, there are some times when you should replace your home’s locks and keys even if they are not broken. These include:

  • Upon moving into a new home or apartment, it is wise to change the locks and keys so whoever lived there before you cannot enter the home without your permission..
  • Loosing your keys is not uncommon: if that happens to you, you should change your locks and keys immediately otherwise, whoever finds your keys may try to enter your home and rob you.
  • Life gets messy if you are in a divorce or a break-up.  During these times, it is prudent to change your locks so your Ex cannot enter the premises without your consent.
  • If your locks are rusty and are difficult to lock and unlock, it might be time to change them.  Get new locks before the old ones fail on you and you are locked out of your own home.
  • People with busy schedules sometimes give their keys to service people so that they can clean the house, walk the dog, or perform household upgrades.  If this is you, you may want to change your lock to a two-lock system which allows service people to enter via lock one, and  a second lock which only you have the keys to.  Engaging the second lock when you are home will give you extra protection and privacy.

Residential Lock Key Replacement North County
Z’s Locksmith offers a wide range of commercial, residential, automobile, and emergency locksmith and security services. Give us a call for residential lock key replacement North County services: 858-215-3444.